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HER Ambition: Reese Witherspoon

" Just do what you do well" Reese Witherspoon Women's History Month is approaching and I wanted to write about a woman that embraces ambition.  Abuse of any form both changes you and shapes you. Reese Witherspoon opens up with Oprah about her experience on Super Soul Sunday. What's admirable is she worked through those difficult times. The way to go is higher when someone attempts to bring you down. I shared this video below to show how far Reese Witherspoon has come is both elevating and empowering. In an article from Glamour Magazine  Reese Witherspoon wrote about the importance of having ambition as a woman.  Having ambition and putting it into action is important. “If you want something done, do it yourself" With that drive she created a  media/production company and platform for women. She recently launched an App for her book club. As she grows she also provides opportunities and
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Cooking with Kelis

  Born in Harlem, NY. Kelis is a mom, chef, creative, entrepreneur, musician, fashionable and well rounded woman. Trendsetter and very inspiring she marches to the beat of her own drum  She has a cookbook called My Life on a Plate. (Kelis holding in image above) and a sauce line Bounty & Full. Kelis is teaching a cooking course on Skillshare providing resources, techniques and creative ways to cooking. Let Kelis guide you with "Tasty Food". Tell stories through cooking & cook with love! Cooking with Kelis: 5 Lessons for Making your Favorite Sauces Skillshare: Kelis Website: Photo Credit of Kelis:


  Nora Day  is the founder of . She is an author, meditation and yoga expert. Both freeing and functional approach. In the video below Nora Day discusses Earthing.  What is Earthing?  "Earthing is the act of going barefoot on a natural earth material, such as sand or grass. It's a great way to balance your body and mind.  Earthing is a great way to connect to the beauty of nature, and a great way to disconnect from our hectic, high-pressure lives.  " Earthing is a great way to feel and show appreciation to the simple things in life. Taking time to enjoy nature and disconnect from daily distraction. Expressing gratitude while planting your feet on earth.  Photo Credit and Video:

AdmireHER: Aurora James

Aurora James is an activist, creative director, fashion designer and founder of the fashion company Brother Vellies.  Aurora James is the founder of Fifteen Percent Pledge which help support black owned brands.  "Black people in the U.S. make up 15% of the population. so, we're calling on major retailers to commit a minimum of 15% of their shelf to Black Owned Businesses"  Brother Vellies also partnered with Sephora for an accessories launch today. Sephora was the first major retailer to accept the Fifteen Percent Pledge. Blessing and success as Aurora James continues to evolve and elevate others.  Photo Credit and Resource:  Aurora James Fifteen Percent Pledge HERstory Pinterest Good Morning América Architectural Digest


Syd " I’m the only person like me that I know.” Photo Credit: Pinterest The Internet presents "Hold On" Syd sings with her sensual soul.  Syd defines versatility, an audio engineer, producer, DJ, singer and songwriter.  She's creative and super talented. 

Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet is a singer, songwriter and record producer. She embraces feminine energy, empowerment and sexuality in her music.  Photo Credit: Victoria Monet Facebook Page Monét explained the inspiration for the song title, an acronym for “Friend U Can Keep,” in a press release: “I wanted to give that non-binding friendship intimacy an official name…the way we see it, if you’re never in a relationship, you technically can never break up. It’s forever fun, it’s playful, it happens. So…F.U.C.K. it!” Friend U Can Keep  


1.20.2021 palindrome is  significant, backward or forward it's the same. It's a date to reflect on where you were, where you're headed while staying true to who you are. Reflect and rise, especially during these times. Gratitude. Self Love!  “When you’re alone, remember that you are enough and that you have the strength to make your own choices. Enjoy being you!” - Rita Ora  Rita Ora song "How to be Lonely"  Resource Rolling Stone: