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8.27.15 Chase Your Truth

It's only right that I tell my story, my truth about my own Domestic Violence experience. It's hypercritical to an extent because I stayed in the relationship after the incident. I encourage others not to make the mistake I made. If you can get out make an exit. My gift is to serve with a purpose and help others.I am here to send a positive message to go where you're accepted not tolerated. My story can help you help someone else.

On the evening of August 27,2015 I was attacked by my ex boyfriend. I was feeling overwhelmed at his house because of some information he mentioned to me. It made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to leave. He got upset that I wanted to leave. I told him he didn't care. He slapped me in the face with the remote control.I cleaned up in the bathroom & he came and got me. We laid down back to back to each other. I was upset with him about a text message a girl sent to him. There was verbal abuse for sure. He leaned over and punched me in the face repeatedly. Holding me by the neck choking me. Threatening to kill me. I screamed but he covered my mouth. I could barely breathe. He leaned in and bit my left cheek pulling the skin on my face.I can't remember how it ended I'm just glad I pulled through. That's strength! When you see death in the face your fears no longer exist. The incident took place in the basement of his house. There were others in the house but no one heard me that evening. After the attack I had a headache, a blood clot in my right eye, injured left eye, scars on my face & the bite mark on my left cheek.

I didn't tell anyone about the incident I was protecting him and concealing everything. You can't pretend for so long the marks are pretty visible. This experience affected me mentally, emotionally and physically. That incident was short but left me to handle long term internal injuries and consequences. I have ongoing medical treatment and healing the scars. I didn't press charges on him & stayed in the relationship. I was told I got hit because of what I mentioned during the argument. He has a convicted background this is one he got away with. A relationship should be free of violence.

It was getting hard to conceal the marks.  I had to use concealer & I don't wear makeup. After a while I stopped hiding it and embraced those imperfections. I was angry and resented my ex boyfriend with how things were done.No malicious intent writing this I took time to handle my emotions. A close friend of mine stood up for me & I understand why she did now because she cared about me. I was expecting to see her passion in him.Things didn't work out that way. There were valid reasons I cared for him that abuse didn't erase.I was naive. It's confusing to navigate abuse because he wasn't unlovable then. No one is perfect. I chose to give him the benefit of doubt. I had to forgive myself for believing in him.

Every time I look in the mirror at the scars or feel pain inside I am grateful. To be able to tell this story I have something to live for! I survived! That was a very dark place for me but no one can dim your light when you shine.This is not to discourage you or be bitter about love at all it's a beautiful thing. I gave all my love to the wrong person for almost 6 years. Don't give up on love, give up on making poor choices. Love yourself first, trust your gut and always understand, accept your situation and do your best to recover from it.

I am in a better place now  so I feel comfortable enough to write about it. I am fearless! It doesn't matter how long you've known a person it's the character that takes you places. Things change people change. A valuable lesson learned and when you learn you teach. Peace....Live & Love Life!

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  1. Anonymous10/23/2015


  2. Thank goodness you survived!

  3. J. Johnson10/24/2015

    He could've killed you! You're life is more important than love sweetheart. He obviously has issues within himself. He probably or will abuse someone else. This domestic violence has to end! Glad you're ok.

  4. Once an abuser always an abuser! He has some serious issues Moving on might be hard but it's the right thing to do

  5. Anonymous10/27/2015

    He thinks he's tough putting his hands on a woman. He needs to be put in jail that's unacceptable Don't ever settle for someone like that he doesn't deserve you!

  6. Thank God you lived to be able to share your experience he could've ended your life it was in his hands He should be grateful you didn't send him behind bars where he belongs.

  7. Patrick10/27/2015

    Where were the people in the house? That's insane no one heard anything or were they covering him? Hes not a man he's a monster for that! Thinking women are his punching bag. He's still roaming the streets and you're bruised up. He's a loser for that

  8. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Why didn't he just let you leave? He could've walked away instead of hitting you. That was intentional. He seriously has issues. Make men look bad out here. He needs to be punished in jail!

  9. He bit your face he's an animal, he belongs in jail in a cage. You are a rare diamond know your value. That man doesn't feel good about himself so he wants you to feel that way too! He's a loser trying to tear you down. Don't let him. Be proud to share your story.

  10. Anonymous10/28/2015

    He was trying to mess your face up clearly he's jealous of you. He doesn't want anyone else to have you. That man has issues he should be working it out in JAIL

  11. Anonymous10/28/2015

    Domestic Violence is a tough thing to deal with and walk away from especially when you love someone. It takes time to heal all wounds. Its good you have courage to share your story.

  12. Speaking up is always good because there are resources and people to help you don't protect someone who tried to hurt you.

  13. No man should ever put his hands on a female, happy that your OK.

  14. Don't stay in an unhealthy relationship walking on eggshells. No man should put his hands on a woman, he was wrong period. You deserve much better than what you put up with! Never settle for that nonsense. You will be fine!

  15. It's hard to detach from relationships like that and trust he was glad you stayed to save himself. He didn't want you to call the cops he played on your fears during that time. What comes around goes around, you will be OK.

  16. God gives toughest battles to the strongest people. You are brave and blessed don't ever forget that.

  17. Hitting a woman is unacceptable period! I was taught never to put hands on a woman. Not a good look for us real men. I'm happy you made it through.

  18. Anonymous11/20/2015

    You're positive outlook will help you heal. You are stronger than you think!


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