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Always Remember.....

Mashonda Tifrere

Mashonda Tifrere is one of my inspirations in creating this blog for women. Mashonda is the founder of which is aimed towards the empowerment of women. I think Mashonda set an example of how to face challenges/changes and get through it. She embraced what she went through and continued to go forward. From her music to writing techniques were empowering to me. Salute & thank you Mashonda!

Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore by Walter Mosley

The book shown above is titled Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore by Walter Mosley. This is a book that I recommend as a good read. Women walk in different paths through life. In this story you will walk with Debbie Dare an interesting character on her journey. Walter Mosley website: 

Share Your Story

I created this blog to empower women. I shared my experience with Domestic Violence to raise awareness and let others know that there's help available and you don't have to hide or be ashamed. Abuse can take you to a very dark place & it can dim your light. It hasn't been a easy journey or a healing process, I refuse to give up! I've always had plans to empower women & supported organizations such as Safe Horizon, the experience helped me embrace it more.In the future a there will be a book release, in the meantime I will continue to walk on this journey with you! Photo Credit: Femde (

No Visible Bruises

Domestic Violence survivors often have injury that is not always visible to the eye & may have long term damage. Abuse can cause brain injury that can last a lifetime. In the link below is an article from The New Yorker: