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Coerced Debt and Financial Abuse

Image Credit: The image above describes the financial hold an abuser can have on your life & your money making you prisoner to the circumstances they created. Domestic violence doesn't always mean physical abuse. Abusers like to be in control, they can take control of your mind, body, emotons, life & money. Slowly breaking you down for their benefit, making things limited and well being difficult for their victim. Communication is important regarding finance and just like everything else in a relationship should be treated with respect, honesty and openly. Signs of Coerced Debt & Financial Abuse Identity theft Demonstrate trustworthiness and would want to control the money and sometimes suggest opening a joint account. Persuade you to sign over home, assets & power of attorney Lack of Independence,  The bills will be under the victims name to take away from the abusers commitment & responsibility to anything.The abuser will


I recommend the book Vindicated by Karrine Steffans. I have an autographed copy of this book. She is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Owner of Steffans Publishing. She is fearless, strategic and unapologetic. Karrine is one of my inspirations with writing techniques, book writing/publishing, business and ownership. I admire her strength, resiliency and ability to defy the odds. Life is about living, learning and growing and she manages to set that example. Salute to you Karrine!