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"Same Ol Mistakes" is a song selection from Rihanna ANTI Album. This is a good album as well as the art put into creating it. Give it a good listen she makes you feel through her music. In an article that I read provided details on the art/meaning of the Anti album, some of the information that I found interesting is listed below:  Credit: The braille is a fancy metaphor. "It's a metaphor to open people's eyes so they can appreciate the small things and question the vision and if what they see is what they think they see. This is about that." Or as Rihanna puts it: "People who have sight are sometimes the people who are blindest." The crown is about more than being pop royalty. "There's so many things in life that you want to achieve. When you get to the point where you're achieving your dreams, you don't see the success anymore and you don't kn


Acknowledge and allow yourself to feel the pain and have faith you'll get through it.  Being honest with yourself as well as your experience is very important so you can understand what's happening, accept and recover. Heal your wounds instead  covering it. Trust the process and take care of yourself.

Father Figure

Father Figure - Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood from Zun Lee on Vimeo . It's amazing how the photographer Zun Lee captured some incredible images and also telling a story.There's an importance in a father & child relationship.The father figure can be perceived differently, some children are raised in a functional or dysfunctional environment.According to the article in Zun Lee was "born to a Korean mother and an African American father. Lee grew up in Germany in a dysfunctional family with an abusive Korean father who raised him." Abuse is a learned behavior. Zun Lee chose to set a different tone in an artistic form "The main thrust for Father Figure was rooted in an attempt to reconcile both aspects of my upbringing and to get a sense of closure on my personal story of father absence." I found this interesting he took an authentic approach with a tough subject. There are some men who unfortunately repeat the dark