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Credit: Misty Copeland facebook       Misty Copeland is an African American ballerina, the Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theatre. I had the pleasure to see Misty Copeland perform. There's something about ballet dancers that are very intriguing, very elegant and graceful. I adore her style, story & sense of purpose. She has her own Barbie Doll. The doll is part of the Barbie's Sheroes program which honors female heroes to break boundaries. Misty has literature to read, an insightful documentary called A Ballerina's Tale. Misty is a star that keeps shining. Salute to Misty Copeland!


Everyone has a story to tell. Karrine Steffaso gives a great lecture in the video above. Whether you choose to speak up or write about your life experience and tell your story it can help others as well as leaving a proof of life. The less things are concealed the more free/transparent you become.  Karrine discussed the negative connotations that can come from revealing a part of yourself to others: "You must be bitter" "You must be broken" Silence breeds shame and judgement as she mentioned in the video. It baffles me how cruel one person can tell another how to feel as if their feelings are invalid, their judgment is! Social media can help a survivor educate themselves, communicate and impact others. It can also tear a person down by shaming, victim blaming and commenting with lack of empathy and understanding. Being brave regardless of others opinions and reaction can help you heal by revealing as well as build your esteem. Standing in your truth

Milk & Honey

When pen meets paper the magic happens! Rupi Kaur is a lovely poetess with a book by the name "Milk and Honey". Strength is definitely a trait amongst women. Below is an image of Rupi Kaur's book cover. It's a work of art and a great read.