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Listen closely to the rhythm in you...

Listen closely to the rhythm in you...

I'm A Writer

"I'm a writer. I use people for what I write. Let the world beware.'' Novelist Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) in Basic Instinct. The writer for the movie Basic Instinct did a great job in developing a  writing technique and capturing the audience. Catherine was sharp in the image above, she owned the room. A very intriguing & memorable character. When writing a person may be used as a character, for inspiration or as a reference in a story. As a writer the reader can have their own interpretation of what is being read. 

"Let the weapon of choice be your voice" - Nasir Jones

"Let the weapon of choice be your voice."- Nasir Jones My  favorite male artist Nas ; is a graceful , humble, well rounded, down to earth and distinguished gentleman. The quote above is meaningful and something to live by. Words are truly powerful and being vocal can make a difference. Nas utilized his mind, platform and skill set to put words together and create a body of work, great music that is both inspiring and influential. Each and every album has something relative, unique and special for the listener. This blog is called HerStory but part of my story is sharing what inspires me, what motivates me upon my journey.There are lyrics, subject matters and quotes that Nas has addressed that truly touch my soul and are heartfelt. Nas covers topics of changes, challenges,growing up in the projects, finance, speaks on injustice, relationships and education. He made a song dedicated to his mom on the God's Son album. A song for his daughter titled "Me a