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Reveal What You Feel

In the video for "Don't hurt Yourself" from the visual album Lemonade by Beyonce was an introduction of a poem before the music played that expressed an emotion of Anger. I believe it is important to reveal what you feel. I shared "Anger" below. This is an emotion some are afraid to express with the fear of it coming across negative. There are many ways of expressing anger the positive part is when expressing anger it can be both helpful and healing. 

If it's what you truly want ... I can wear her skin over mine. Her hair over mine. Her hands as gloves. Her teeth as confetti. Her scalp, a cap. Her sternum, my bedazzled cane. We can pose for a photograph, all three of us. Immortalized ... you and your perfect girl.
I don't know when love became elusive. What I know is, no one I know has it. My father's arms around my mother's neck, fruit too ripe to eat. I think of lovers as trees ... growing to and from one another. Searching for the same light.
Why can't you see me? Why can't you see me? Why can't you see me? Everyone else can.
Song Lyrics

When you hurt me, you hurt yourself

Don't hurt yourself

When you diss me, you diss yourself

Don't hurt yourself

When you hurt me, you hurt yourself

Don't hurt yourself, don't hurt yourself

When you love me, you love yourself

Love God herself

The lyrics above are from Beyoncé song titled "Don't Hurt Yourself" I think this song was a good way to express feelings, your emotions and owning it. She utilized her platform to empower women, address subject matters and profit from her experience.Acknowledge & embrace whatever your experience might be & find the strength to move forward. There's no better person to tell your story besides yourself. Beyonce expressed herself and some women can relate which made a great connection to the audience. Know your worth and anyone who values you wouldn't take you for granted. When someone has intentions to hurt you or betray you, sometimes it's not about you its more about themselves.


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