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Be Vocal

DEMI LOVATO "IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO BE VOCAL ABOUT THE THINGS YOU'RE DEALING WITH—YOU NEVER KNOW THE LIFE YOU COULD LIVE IF YOU'RE SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH OTHERS." Credit for quote: Marie Claire  It is great that there's platforms available to speak up and raise awareness on issues such as Mental Health. Demi Lovato opened up about being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. It's an admirable thing to do. It is important for women to know that with bipolar or any mental illness that there's information, help available and your happiness can be fulfilled. Sometimes many remain silent, ashamed or the issue can be perceived very negatively due to the lack of understanding of what it truly is and the effects. It is not easy it's a process of acceptance, understanding & being understood on the road to recovery. It's good for Demi Lovato and other courageous women to continue to empower, speak up & be vocal.  Documentary: http://www