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Talk A Good Game

Kelly Rowland Has someone ever said or done something to try to convince you to believe them when it's not true they're usually are talking a good game. This album takes you through different experiences with Miss Kelly Rowland. On a track titled "Dirty Laundry" she opens up about an abusive ex. As she describes found in an article on Huffington Post, “A piece of me would just go away every time he would say something,” she said. “I’ll never forget those things. I’ll forgive him … he’s a different person now but it was things to tear me down as a person, as a woman.” The road to healing/recovery from any form of abuse can take time to overcome and get through. When the abuse it taking place it can be difficult to open up and share with others, it takes a level of acceptance, understanding and coming out of the dark shadows. On a track titled "#1" Always remember that as a woman you come second to none. A friendly reminder that you are number one