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KKW Beauty

KIM KARDASHIAN WEST Above Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian West  Instagram Kim Kardashian West has launched a beauty line called KKW Beauty. I adore the neutral/nude colors used for the makeup as well as the packaging and presentation. Embracing true beauty.   Good for HER:) Take a look at the website All photo credit and information on the product can be found on Kim's website . The Lovely KKW CRÈME LIQUID LIPSTICK in the image above is from the   KKW and Kylie collaboration.      

Majoring in Domestic Violence

Colleges offer graduate programs that ready students to end violence against women Majoring in Domestic Violence : Higher education is meant to churn out well-rounded scholars. UC Denver’s program is not the only one preparing a future generation of advocates. Within the social work field of study, the following universities are just a few that offer degrees in domestic violence: Rutgers University in New Jersey and Simmons College in Boston both offer a Violence Against Women and Children Certificate Program. The University of Central Florida offers a graduate track program in domestic violence. The University of Minnesota offers a family violence prevention undergraduate minor. But there are myriad other programs available for law and healthcare students as well— Tulane University Law School offers a domestic violence clinic while multiple colleges offer forensic nursing programs, enabling nurses to specialize in caring for victims of assault, rape, n


Photo Credit: “ Those parts of yourself that you desperately want to hide and destroy will gain power over you. The best thing to do is face and own them, because they are forever a part of you.” Janet Mock  Redefining Realness was the gorgeous Janet Mock's first book and now she has released Surpassing Certainty. I had the pleasure to meet her at the book discussion for the new release. I found her approach, experiences and perception interesting. I think certain experiences in life will shape you and during the liberation you become fearless and unapologetic. Stories like Janet Mock can help others be open about transitioning whether people agree or not.  Pride & proud are two words for women that embraces femininity. Have pride and be proud of the woman that you are as well as the woman you would like to become. This is HerStory!

NUDE by Rihanna

I absolutely adore Nude by Rihanna. It's a soft and subtle fragrance. for women launched in 2012. It has a light scent, a perfect blend to bare it all "nude" with a touch of mystery. I recommend this fragrance to treat yourself or to purchase as a gift.

The Body Book

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is a recommended read. A down to earth approach in taking care of the mind, body and living a happy & healthy life.

Marilyn Monroe

This book was a great read as well as the film to capture the life of Marilyn Monroe. I was intrigued by HERstory. There was so much depth to this woman beyond the fame and photographs.