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Gl oria Steinem Private Violence documentary was a recommendation from Gl oria Steinem's social media page.  Here are some quotes from Gloria Steinem regarding the documentary that I found interesting: “When I was growing up in Toledo, there was no such crime as domestic violence,” said Steinem. “It was called life.” “It’s very important that we understand how justified, concealed [and] rationalized this deepest form of violence truly is,”  “We have the power of noticing, of seeing, of supporting, of protecting.” Private Violence was directed and produced by  Cynthia Hill.  It is a documentary that focuses on domestic violence. A hardship can also be groundbreaking and inspiring.

The Nike Chrome Blush Collection

The Nike Chrome Blush Collection Salute to Nike Women. I am all for HER!  This collection is so cool, comfortable, modern with edge. It's definitely my style. Women are representing with strength, grace and beauty. Photo Credit and product information   Nike Free TR7 AMP Women's Training Shoe $100 Nike Sportswear Women's Track Pants $60

Creme D'Nude

Creme D'Nude Creme D'Nude from MAC is a fragrance from shadescents fragrance that's soft, intimate and subtle. I love this scent, however there are more scents available if you are into something perhaps more flirty. Also there's Creme D'Nude lipstick available as well. MAC offers a full cosmetics line including concealer, foundation etc. Makeup can be used to conceal bruises from domestic violence as well. It's not to conceal what happened to you at all but to conceal the bruise itself. Some survivors have to go into the public and may not want to reveal their trauma to others and maintain privacy. The makeup can be helpful until the physical wound heals. Makeup is a form of creativity and expression. True beauty comes from within, there's nothing wrong with being  good from the inside and out! Feel, look and smell good. I like Creme D'Nude, you can take a look on the website and choose from other options at


The black and white images above display beautiful art. Shibari is a Japanese artistic for of rope bondage. On a sensual side it can bring pain & pleasure if that's a preference in erotica Shibari can represent a former of art and strength. I learned more about Shibari after seeing the art work for Jhene Aiko's "Maniac". You will see in the image below and how she embraced Sexual Empowerment. Jhene Aiko Billboard.vom on Sexual Empowerment "Sexual empowerment means just embracing your sexuality, doing whatever makes you feel comfortable and not worrying about society’s standards and what they think is sexy or acceptable. It’s just being true to yourself and not worrying about what other people’s opinions are on how you express your sexuality. I think of course, as adults, you should be responsible with your sexuality and your body but at the same time, it’s just about not being afraid to express it, whatever it means to you."


I had the pleasure of listening to 4:44 on Tidal. Jay-Z album 4:44 was executed with excellence. I have to share this as well as recommend. It's mature and Jay-Z embraces his flaws as well as accountability. He also covers other topics on this album that was necessary for the listeners and music. The Story of OJ may make one reconsider their life decisions and think much more deeper. Bam is cool even though he is in a high standard he is deeply rooted, its real. The entire album is classic. Very forthright and honest. I think he develops a plan and uses strategy with perfection. Jay-Z as I mentioned in a previous post is one of my inspirational influencers. Beyonce makes wonderful music for women, great vocals in Family Fued & from a masculine point of view Jay-Z nails it! From Reasonable Doubt to 4:44 he's made progression. I think numbers are significant as well. Something about that number 4! "Men lie women lie numbers don't" When you leave your proo