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ASHANTI "Rain On Me"

Ashanti Ashanti's video "Rain On Me" covers Domestic Violence. She's seeking faith to guide her out of the relationship. The song lyrics take you on her experience as well as the powerful visuals in the video. When you're in a challenging relationship you try to figure out what's happening & what to do. Domestic violence can happen to anyone. Ashanti used her platform & music to address and raise awareness. This is HERstory! I always thought this was a beautiful song then as I got older I found out through her interview that this song/video had so much depth. This was a song that can shed light on domestic violence and inspire women. You can take a look at the video play💜    


KARLIE KLOSS Imagine that you have the capability to build your own world through coding. Karlie Kloss has a cool program for girls called Kode With Klossy  that empowers them to learn code and become leaders in Tech. I think this program and scholarships provide girls with the opoortunity to be creative, learn and grow in the technology industry that is constantly advancing. Below is a video that provides further information on Kode With Klossy.

"There's No Finish LIne"

Photo Credit: (Nike Pants Studio) Nike has a selection of lifestyle pants for women. The pants can be worn to relax or participate in Running, Yoga, Dance and etc. The Nike pants bring versatility; for days women are pretty much productive whether it's exercising, motherhood, work or school you will need apparel that's functional and can fit your daily routine. The pants provide style & comfort. You can check out the styles in the link SHOP COLLECTION

Send An Inspirational Message

Gratitude is a great form of expression. Each day each of us has something to be thankful for Safe Horizon's Streetwork Project works with the homeless and in the link below you have the opportunity to touch the lives of others. Send an Inspiring Message to Homeless Young People. Sign a Thanksgiving Card for Homeless Youth. Thank you with Gratitude....xoxo