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Emily King "Distance"

Women's March 2018

"I stand here today because above all I am my sister's keeper." -Janet Mock


Res Rock & Soul are the sounds of the artist Res that I adore. I shared the video below "For Who You Are". Wish your loved one the best whether you're together or growing apart. Alwsys l ove deeply & unconditionally through both beauty and darkness.  

Geri Allen

Geri Allen is a jazz composer, educator and pianist. She served as the program director of NJPAC's All-female Jazz Residence that offered an opportunity for young women, ages 14-25 to study jazz. Geri created wonderful music as well as being a muse for others. Through empowerment and making an impact in communities and in the music industry, Geri created a life sound & made her mark in this world. There will be a Tribute to Geri Allen at the 2018 Winter Jazzfest  In the below video you can watch a lovely performance and listen to some smooth sounds of gifted artists. 

The Testament

The Testament He’d met an American Beauty Stay Beautiful was the signature he made out to me Caught up in a Rapture   He had a Beautiful Mind I was intrigued by his way of thinking Marvin Gaye was the tune he played for me From the Intro of Mega Philosophy A great wife is what you’ll be Are the words he said to me I see how much you Love Your Family On the phone, daily and for hours We connected authentically Understanding The True Meaning of Friendship He’d met a woman down to earth Full of Life and The Realness Born & Raised With dignity and morals It was about the principle at Blue Note I can’t believe this shit Within this Industry It can be a Dirty Game You must be Built for This The Rap Basquiat Was deeply inspired and he asked me to present ideas I helped him paint the picture Couldn’t sign the contract, go figure He faded, a no show I don't kn