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The Testament

The Testament

He’d met an American Beauty

Stay Beautiful was the signature he made out to me

Caught up in a Rapture  

He had a Beautiful Mind

I was intrigued by his way of thinking

Marvin Gaye was the tune he played for me

From the Intro of Mega Philosophy

A great wife is what you’ll be

Are the words he said to me

I see how much you Love Your Family

On the phone, daily and for hours

We connected authentically

Understanding The True Meaning of Friendship

He’d met a woman down to earth

Full of Life and The Realness

Born & Raised

With dignity and morals

It was about the principle at Blue Note

I can’t believe this shit

Within this Industry

It can be a Dirty Game

You must be Built for This

The Rap Basquiat

Was deeply inspired and he asked me to present ideas

I helped him paint the picture

Couldn’t sign the contract, go figure

He faded, a no show

I don't know what's the deal

Only to Live & Learn 

Damn, Rap’s a Hustle

All business never personal

Stay true to you

You learned Valuable Lessons here

Remain Honorable

Continue to do you!

What was his One Purpose?
Was it Hollywood?

Are the questions I ask myself.

Was it Street Dreams

Or a Killaz Theme

Perception Vs. Reality

It’s all a blur to me

He opened up to me

Told me everything from his Montana Diary  

I thought he was a man of character

It’s time to Let It Go

Time will pass 

The truth will reveal

There are no hard feelings at all

Hey, Love is Love

Through this experience

I will….Rise Above

...Copyright 2018


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