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Many are taught that silence is golden. Being vocal and expressing yourself shows vulnerable courage. I think it's important to respect others point of view even if its different from your own. The words in the poem describes the backlash received from speaking your mind and sharing your feelings. No one should feel ashamed or silenced when sharing their story, testimony, or parts of themselves with others.  Hush Keep your lips zipped Hush  Keep your mouth shut Hush Don't put your business in the street Hush No one needs to know your business Hush You talk to much Hush Stop looking for attention Hush Stop playing victim Hush You're so bitter Hush Focus on the positive, stop being negative Hush No one wants to hear that Hush Silence is golden Hush Mind Your Business Hush Your mouth is your worst enemy

Valentines Day Tunes💕

Mya Presents: You Got Me for the Grown & Sexy