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March For Our Lives: Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi is a young woman whom I adore & admire. She is intellectual, inspirational, achieved actress & activist. In the link below Yara shares a poem on gun violence and race. Yara represents the people as well as the power we have to stand for something and the importance to be vocal  Represent for HER for all!  On Yara Shahid twitter page she stated:  “When a gun has more rights than you” Today I stand in reverence of the students who’ve experienced such personal tragedy & used their voices to unite and action. Today we March For Our Lives. Today we reclaim our right to safety Hope you can join/support #EnoughisEnough Link to Video :


Mya presents her new single "Damage" What I adore about Mya is that she is eclectic, sensual, soulful. Mya is a true representation of versatility. Along with her lovely sounds she also shares information on how to maintain health through her Vegan Transition Guide. I provided a link for you to read. Enjoy the music to your ears and maintain your mind & body!  Vegan Transition Guide Link: