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Women Of Courage

💜💕💕 Alison Overholt, vice-president and editor of ESPN The Magazine stated: "We are honored to recognize the courage of these women at The 2018 ESPYS, to acknowledge the power of their voices, and to shine a very well-deserved spotlight on what speaking up, fighting back, and demanding accountability can accomplish. They have shown us all what it truly means to speak truth to power, and through their bravery, they are making change for future generations. By honoring this group who spoke out, we aim to honor all of those who are survivors of abuse." What a liberating evening for the survivors! It's both courageous and honorable of the more than 140 survivors of sexually abused women to stand tall, strong and together, it was heartbreaking because of what these victims went through but groundbreaking because of their resilence they're survivors; it was a beautiful thing.  There were some powerful statements made at Larry Nassar's hearing

LeadHER by Example

Photo Credit and Quotes from wrote a great piece on Women In Music about African American Female Music Executives that are essential to the music industry. Juliette Jones,   Ethiopia Habtemariam and Sylvia Rhone have shown strength through resilience, strong leadership skills and continuous work ethic. Below there were some inspiring quotes from each woman that I hope enlighten you as the reader.  Juliette Jones the Executive VP of Atlantic Records “It’s important, as women, that we learn to use our power to support each other, plus be comfortable in asking questions and voicing our career desires”   Ethiopia Habtemariam President of Motown Records "We need to be even more supportive and collaborative. I probably could have done more outreach myself; people don’t fully understand what you’re going through unless you do. I’m making a real effort to be the