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Photo Credit: Google Images/Revolt TV I am in full support of Women in Tech and Code In Color was great to represent diversity and "open doors for communities of color". There is so much creativity, depth, skills, talent and work in the Tech industry.  This was an informative panel with a understanding the difference between a Founder and a Funder. How a company starts off with an idea/vision and how to get the company to start up with an investor. Below is a video from the  Code in Color event so you can learn about the tools, roles and responsibilities in Tech. Each panelist represented well and discussed techniques, stories of prosperity, insight, resource and problem solving. Tech is essential to how businesses operate and function. 


Photo Credit: Sa Roc Forever is an inspirational song written by Sa Roc. She embraced individuality, believing in and staying true to yourself.  " No, I’m not flawless, I’m scarred up and I’m fine with it. My body art a laundry list of all of life’s unkindnesses." There's nothing wrong with being imperfectly perfect. Many times the outer world can have an affect or influence which can be harmful to our inner world causing self consciousness and self doubt. During those moments require self love. As well as uplifting sounds such as this song, perhaps you can relate or it can help you get through whatever troubles you. " if you're trying to knock me down, your demolitions failed," Many times people will project their own insecurities onto others. Instead of admiring your strength they test it. Thank them in advance!  I've been there. Learning from experience has been a great teacher. You become self aware and choose wh