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Rashida Jones

   Article and Photo Credit of Rashida Jones  

Ja'Net DuBois

Ja Net DuBois also known as Willona Woods from the television show Good Times passed away on February 18, 2020. Willona was my favorite character on the TV show. She was a joy to watch: beautiful, outspoken and vibrant. Thank you! May you continue to shine with your lovely light and spirit peacefully


Stripped is an album by Christina Aguilera that embraces empowerment, fearlessness, femininity and honesty. Christina was vulnerable & unapologetic. The title of the album STRIPPED is perfect as she reveals various parts of herself, removing layers, baring her heart and soul through sounds of music. Being comfortable in your own skin, flaws and all is self acceptance. Thank you for being an open book.

Shakira & Jennifer Lopez

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez Instagram Girl Power! Tonight Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on an incredible performance. Both women displayed their talents in music, dance and playing instruments. It was powerful, enlightening and inspirational. The photo above truly represents the unity both artists brought when coming together. A great job! Good vibes on a good night! Thank you!  Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Happy Birthday Shakira! Thank you for your gift you share with the world. You are admired and appreciated for your effortless ways you stay true to yourself and contribute to the world with your talent through dance, music,  creativity and philanthropy. Celebrate today and everyday many blessings!