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Photo credit: Who is Butterscotch? Singer, Beatboxer, Musician, Activist Butterscotch is a woman of many talents with an incredible voice. She is the first female champion Beatboxer which is superb, making her mark in the world. Butterscotch described beat boxing as a priceless instrument, in which she plays effortlessly. I had the opportunity to see her perform live and her versatility came through the sounds of music.  I shared a song by Butterscotch "We are all we got" which is a song of appreciation, gratitude and inspiration for us to unite, love, take care of one another and our earth. Togetherness is a beautiful thing especially through our toughest battles during this pandemic. "We are all we got" is a phrase my friend and I share when we end our conversation, it's a simple but powerful phrase that's necessary and universal. All love! 

Valeisha Butterfield Jones

Photo Credit of Valeisha: Bazaar Magazine "The best thing anyone can do for you are the things you never have to ask them"   I read this quote online and I was trying to think of a way to express gratitude and respect for Valeisha. I've been a student of her craft and work etiquette over the years. I read, recommended and wrote about Valeisha's book The GirlPrint on my book/literature blog "Brains & Beauty". You can read about it in the link provided here: That post was written in 2018. I described Valeisha as an architect and she still is. All of my blogs were created with a purpose, a guide to elevate others. I believe everyone plays a part of a blueprint or map there are many essential parts that help connect in some form. There's a quote "when the student is ready the teacher appears". Timing is a blessing. During this pandemic I must say that I have lear

Denim Day 2020

Photo Credit and website to obtain more information on Denim Day and Peace Over Violence here April 29 2020 Denim Day a Virtual Rally was held to raise awareness, educate, heal and support survivors of sexual abuse, assault, harassment and rape. It is also a challenge for many experiencing hardships trying to survive during this  economic and health pandemic. There is a blessing in having an outlet and platform to engage, educate, learn, inspire, connect, share stories and experiences. I shared the video of the Virtual community. The story of Denim Day is interesting as well you can read about it on the Peace Over Violence website in the link above.  For anyone that has experienced or is going through the tough times of any sexual misconduct remember you may be bruised but you are not broken. You have courage, you are strong. There was a quote from the Virtual Rally I want to share keep in mind: "Your heart is a muscle the size of

Poetic Activism: Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth Acevedo Photo Credit: Blue Flower Art

Amerie: My Birth Story

Amerie Amerie shares her birth story on her YouTube channel. This information provides education and insight on her experience, process and procedures. If you are a mom perhaps you might be able to relate, if you are becoming a mom this can help you get an idea, if you don't have any kids that's okay here's perspective either way we as women are all maternal in some form, It's knowledge to obtain and more to learn. Amerie is sharing one of her many gifts with the world.  A description on the video below from Amerie's YouTube Channel: "I’m sharing with you my birth story, from my c-section to the myomectomy (fibroid surgery) I had beforehand, which led to my needing a cesarean birth. Grab a coffee or tea or put your phone next to your sink while you get ready or unready for your day, because I’m sharing lots of details regarding what I experienced, plus tips for you if you need either of these... I’m covering what to expect duri

National Autism Awareness Month

Photo Credit: Holly Robinson Peete and her son R.J. Reference Link: "advocate and speak out for those who are rarely heard" April is National Autism Awareness Month. Holly Robinson Peete son was diagnosed with Autism.  On the Tamron Hall Show (video below) Holly Robinson Peete spoke about her son's experience with Autism during the pandemic. R.J. has such a positive outlook by stating "tomorrow is another blessed day" dealing with life's obstacles. It says a lot about his powerful/ wonderful spirit and his encouragement, love and support from his parents. Holly discussed a point that people with Autism don't often like things on them, this was a statement regarding wearing a mask during the pandemic. It gives a perspective of one of the many challenges and differences others have. Holly is a great advocate and also has a depth of knowledge she shares regardi


Charlize Theron is in support of the global fight against domestic violence during this pandemic. Domestic violence is one of the many challenges women and children are facing. Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project has partnered with CARE and the Entertainment  Industry Foundation to launch in standing  Together For Her. This is a great way of showing care, compassion and as dark or traumatic it can be for those experiencing these unfortunate circumstances there will be light. Having guidance and support is essential. "they  are not alone - we are behind them, with them, for them, #TogetherForHer" The donations for Together For Her will go towards providing services (health, legal, financial), safety, shelter, counseling, and further support for the women and children facing domestic violence. For further information you can reference to the links below Charlize Theron Africa Outreach website as well as her instagram link.  Website:  https://charlize


Photo Credit: NY.GOV New York is brilliant, resilient and tough! The strength to stand tall through it all and the light for guidance from within and above. Life is beautiful! The world has been shifted and faced with the challenging virus in which we are to come together to turn this obstacle into an opportunity to help, heal, learn and grow. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone all over the world.  Reflect and Rejoice! Peace & 💛 The Power of a Piano...Alicia Keys and more stars pay tribute to New York City!


There's a New York Times article that acknowledged and expressed the significance of women. However women endure so much and also face challenges of being underpaid and undervalued. Women will continue tap into the inner lioness and soar! NY Times article link: Gratitude is expressed to all of the women out on the front lines as well as all of the women working hard to navigate through these tough times. It's a blessing in disguise that is building strength. You are appreciated!  Female Firefighters Photo Credit: NY Daily News

The Truth Bringer: Angela Rye

Angela Rye Photo Credit: The Activist, The Architect, The Advocate, The Analyst, The Commentator, The Leader, The Strategist, Truth Bringer is Angela Rye.   Angela is authentic in speaking her truth as well as speaking up for others. Her style of communicating is very deep, direct, firm, honest and straightforward. The determination, strength and transparency are all great qualities for women. Angela's impact is educational, encouraging, empowering and inspirational to me. Continue with your fight and shedding light! Thank you for speaking truth to power, for being you and all you do! In the first video Angela speaks on the importance of Black Activism The next video includes Angela Rye featured on Revolt TV State of Emergency, The State of Black America and The Corona Virus.  Angela spoke on developing a "Community Stimulus Plan". 

Taking Care of Harlem

Photo Credit: Harlem Haberdashery Facebook Harlem Haberdashery is a family owned and operated business located in Harlem, New York City.  Bringing together the community and embracing the true spirit of Harlem. Representing elegant style, class, intelligence and taste. During the times facing this pandemic it's amazing to read about taking care of the community utilizing our talent and resources. This is a beautiful thing! Thank you for helping others. We are one! Harlem Haberdashery has partnered with The Dott to make medical grade mask and protective gowns to donate to hospitals around New York City including Harlem Hospital. An article was written in AMNY. The link to the article: For further information about both companies are available in the links below: Harlem Haberdashery: The Dott NYC: 

Soul Food🎵: Illusion of Bliss

Alicia Keys "Illusion of Bliss" Incredible! This song is is so powerful and soulful. Beautiful sounds and heartfelt. This is my favorite song from Alicia Keys "Here" album. She has definitely made her mark in the world. This song makes you feel and that is a great connection to have with music, it takes you to an emotional place. As she takes you on this musical journey of trials & triumph she closes out with "I don't wanna be a fallen angel" so powerful. No one wants to be judged, we are all imperfectly perfect. 

Taraji P. Henson: BLHF's COVID-19 Virtual Therapy Campaign

Photo Credit: W Magazine Taraji P. Henson has the The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation that is launching the COVID-19 Free Virtual Support Therapy Campaign to raise money to provide mental health services. This form of care/service is essential during these times. It's important to have a healthy mind as well as support. Therapy allows you to get depth, knowledge and understand the things that took place and taking place in your life. It's a navigational tool to let you know you're not in this alone. This service is appreciated.  Provided is the website to obtain further information: Please Note the Information Below is from the website BLHF's COVID-19 Virtual Therapy Campaign COVID-19 has had a profound and unprecedented impact on all of our daily lives. Social distancing, unemployment, sudden loss, are all drastic changes that can bring, what feels like, unbearable stress a

Rihanna & Jack Dorsey Help Victims of Domestic Violence Affected during COVID-19

Photo Credit: Rihanna Pinterest Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation is teaming up with Jack Dorsey CEO of twitter and Square  to help victims of domestic violence that are affected during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a great way to support victims during this challenging time. The victims are isolated with their abusers and lives can be at risk, stressful and dangerous. It's not easy to pick up and leave without a plan or place to go. The donations, support, shelters and services can help survivors with tools to navigate and improve their way of life.  Article from ABC news: Article from Paper:

Women In Film: TAPE

Photo Credit:Pinterest I had the opportunity to watch the Virtual Movie Premiere of Tape as well as an online Q&A discussion after the premiere. I thought this was a good way to tell a story regarding the dark side and challenges in the entertainment industry. It revealed things many don't see or don't want to see, that are often disreguarded, hidden and/or ignored Sharing the story, showing the film helps expose and raise awareness. This is not an easy topic to address and the bravery & vulnerable courage from these women is admirable. The good part is that it opens up the dialog for others to share their story, connect, heal and relate. You can have your power, not be ashamed nor live in fear. The experience has shaped you not break you. Thank you for this film and topics of discussion.  I would like to share the link and information below with you to check out and learn more about TAPE: TAPE Based on true events