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Innovators Women In Food

Camila Alves McConaughey She’s the founder of  Women of Today , a digital lifestyle community that offers wellness tips, style inspiration, and healthy recipes. Co-owner and chief brand director of    Yummy Spoonfuls , an organic baby- and toddler-food brand.  Photography by Mark Williams + Sara Hirakawa " Women aren’t just showing huge progress in major industries—health care, education, hospitality, and, yes, food—they’re the ones paving the way. So this one’s for the forward-thinking women at the forefront of food-and-drink innovation: the game changers, the industry shakers, the revolution makers. They all come from different walks of life..... they all have one thing in common: hustle. Meet the best, brightest, and most innovative women in food."  Salute to all of the women continued happiness and hustle!  Credit to Rachel Ray Magazine

Wed Your Way........Vashtie

Vashtie Vashtie is an artistic, cool, creative, stylish and talented woman. In this post I shared a story from her website where she takes us on a journey how she met her life partner and their wedding day. I thought she chose a chic, simple and unique approach to getting married. Super cool and cute. Cherishing each and every moment and whom you spend your time with is valuable. COVID-19 had an effect on the world. Vashtie shared her private and personal experience with the intent to encourage others. All the best Vashtie! “I debated on if I would share this personal moment, but realized it could maybe inspire others during these shifting times,” Vashtie said. “While right now seems uncertain, the truth is any moment is. Plans derail and the future is always unknown, but we can still enjoy the life we have and make the best of it.”

Inside Job (Self Love)

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Grow In Grace

Grow in Grace These are simple words with depth. I learned there's peace in mindfulness and stillness. To grow in grace is something to do at ease when you have faith. When I started this blog my intention is the same today and that was to inspire/share with authenticity. You can utilize a tool from this blog to help yourself and/or others. There's so much information, speed online and platforms it's a lot to process. It's alright to unplug, have faith! I don't utilize all of the media platforms, my focus is being of service, concentration, doing the work and learning. I remember words spoken in a lecture  "if you're good at something people will find you". I agree what's yours will come to you! A lesson, message, job and etc.  Your deeds, dedication, effort, work ethic will reveal.   It's alright to unplug, have faith!  Online is good way to educate, connect with the world and offline is a luxury as well to enjoy simple things in lif

Tamron Hall "Game Chang-HER"

Tamron Hall Tamron was the first black Anchor on the Today Show.   A down to earth woman. She is truly beautiful from the inside out. I watched  Deadline Crime with Tamron Show and learned the producers wanted her because she was connected and brought an emotional component to the series. Tamron's objective was for people to trust and tell their stories. As she grew in her career she revealed, related and used her voice for the greater good! It takes a great deal of strength to share a story without receiving backlash or being judged. Many suffer in silence. Opening up can be healing, having a listening ear and know there are many ways to tell your story. Through art, music, writing, television, and media. As Tamron shares it's a journey of responsibility. She is spiritual and one of my inspirations through her activism, education, journalism and work ethic. The best quality is her honesty and humility. Through it all she displays both work/ life balance. Tamron's dedicatio

Beauty: A Touch of Love

Sundays Wellness Gift Box Allure Magazine featured an article for the new Nail polish styles that have launched for 2020. There are 14 nail polish brands listed. The Sundays Wellness gift box in the image above has thoughtful words of  inspiration inside that states "We never have to sacrifice for beauty; We are all beautiful in our own way" Photo Credit and Nail Polish list can be found in this link:

I AM Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling  Lisa Ling is a mom, author, journalist, television host of Our America and This Is Life. I am inspired by Lisa's thoughtful approach in bringing "a level of understanding of how people live and think". She offers a fresh perspective, non judgmental and pro active in representing the Asian community. Lisa expressed appreciation, gratitude and honored those that have walked the path before as well as display her willingness to support others is admirable.   In the video below from Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)  Lisa shared her challenges and experience which makes her relatable.  It's enlightening to hear her story as well as the other stories she shares on the television programs.  Reading, listening, watching or writing; I was always interested in stories. In my profile I stated " Tell stories and communicate stories to an audience" That's my goal that's what I'm inspired by; Lisa Ling's body of work, represen

SOUL OF FOOD: Carla Hall

Carla Hall Credit: "Say Yes, Adventure Follows, Then Growth" "It is your job to be happy not to be rich" 

"Be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud"

Dr. Maya Angelou


Dr. Ramani Photo Credit: Pinterest Website: Dr Ramani speaks on Soul Distancing. There are many people that are unable to leave an environment due to their circumstances which leads them to seek comfort in being in an uncomfortable situation. Social Distancing protects you from others physically. Soul Distancing you are protecting yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

SOULFOODđŸŽ”Jhene Aiko: Surrender

Artist: Jhene Aiko Song: Surrender On Jhene Aiko's album incorporated natural forms of healing by using sound bowls on her new album Chilombo. A good way to spread positive and soothing vibes. 


Photo Credit: Tika Sumpter(left) Thai Randolph (Right) Forbes Sugaberry is a lifestyle brand created by for and about modern moms of color. This is a wonderful idea and it creates a community, conversation and connection. Embrace the beauty and blessings of motherhood. Mother's Day is on the way although it's everyday, I wanted to share Sugaberry as all women are maternal. This is a flower ready to bloom. Love & light!  Provided is an article above from and Sugaberry website in this link where you can learn more about the company and the women who put it together

Knowledge Is Your Superpower

Photo credit : Pinterest Always remember the importance of the tree, stand tall & stay strong!  The Magician A Magician some define as a person with an exceptional skill in a particular area or a person  who performs magic tricks for particular entertainment. It depends on the intention as well as perspective. The particular magician being referred to is a professional deceiver, non violent criminal that can damage an individual mentally and emotionally. Cleverness in mind games and manipulation. Sometimes the con artist will befriend you and get you comfortable and vulnerable to fulfill their needs. It's tricky because there's no way to describe a con artist because they create themselves accordingly. If you ever feel confused, some things are off; that's usually a sign something isn't right. It's disappointing when finding out you've been deceived. As soon as you catch on they're onto something or someone else to scheme.  This blog post a