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Knowledge Is Your Superpower

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Always remember the importance of the tree, stand tall & stay strong! 

The Magician
A Magician some define as a person with an exceptional skill in a particular area or a person  who performs magic tricks for particular entertainment. It depends on the intention as well as perspective. The particular magician being referred to is a professional deceiver, non violent criminal that can damage an individual mentally and emotionally. Cleverness in mind games and manipulation. Sometimes the con artist will befriend you and get you comfortable and vulnerable to fulfill their needs. It's tricky because there's no way to describe a con artist because they create themselves accordingly. If you ever feel confused, some things are off; that's usually a sign something isn't right. It's disappointing when finding out you've been deceived. As soon as you catch on they're onto something or someone else to scheme.  This blog post and video below can be new to some readers, relatable and/or to help you heal, learn from the experience. You can be easily convinced by someone and start to believe what's being presented to you. The reality and truth is the answers are within (your mind and gut) and right in front of you. Use discernment. You are gaining knowledge and strength. You have your shield, protect yourself, protect your space! Knowledge is your Superpower!


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I express my gratitude to the Blog Her online community. This is an educational. learning and networking space that has helped myself and others work on their craft. When I write I refer to the pen name of HER to focus more on the conversation and connection with readers. I can relate we relate. HER story was featured on Blog Her "Empowering Black Female Voices: Our Community of Creators" . Thank you so much for the opportunity as I look forward to the future and we all grow together!