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"Our Vision Is Our Voice" Sonia Sanchez

Photo Credit of Sonia Sanchez

Laila Ali (True Champion)

Laila Ali Brains, Beauty, Depth, Strength and Substance. Laila Ali is the truth! Undefeated World Champion Boxer. My favorite and greatest female boxer of all time! I admire a technique to fighting both in and outside of the ring. A winner in the physical and mindset. Consistency, focus, drive, determination, discipline to have a plan and stick to it; is what kept Laila Ali steady and continue to go forward. She is a mom, wife, advocate, athlete, author, chef and television host. Living her legacy with purpose. Laila Ali leads by example teaching others to live and win with a healthy mind, body and spirit I shared a a video in which Laila Ali has a conversation about what she experienced and where she is today along with an inspirational quote. Laila Ali will also be featured in BlogHer creators I am excited to learn and hear some words of encouragement.  #BlogHer20  The Conversation Character & Kindness Photo Credit Link


Tori Kelly "I decided to name this EP Foreword because to me it is an introduction to something bigger that is coming in the future,” says Kelly. “And at the same time, it also represents that I’m moving forward with my life and with my sound.”  Reference: Forward is the best direction to go to evolve to grow! Higher is in your belief, elevate your mind, think high, trust life and feel deep.  Dear No One is a beautiful song with a thoughtful message. " It's a nice little story line that's saying you don't always need somebody." Tori Kelly mentioned in Teen Vogue   Self Love first and trust what's meant to be will be and what's yours will come to you!  Tori Kelly "Dear No One" in the video below. 

Her Legacy: Women of the Black Panther Party

Elaine Brown Authentic, Brave, Connected, Educated, Honorable, Spiritual and Strong are some words to describe the women of The Black Panther Party. It takes a certain amount of knowledge, strength and wisdom to navigate through life. Their ability to use actions and words as tools to help educate and enlighten the lives of others. Each woman is significant and part of one of the most influential movements in history. Their courageous approach raised awareness, created and embraced change. I admire and thank you for your dedication, toughness, transparency, helping the communities improve in better conditions, education and the quality of life. Live your legacy! All Power to the People! Beautiful women with substance, moral standards, power and principle. You can find out more information about the heroic Women of the Black Panther Party in the link below.  Essence Online Reference