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Laila Ali (True Champion)

Laila Ali
Brains, Beauty, Depth, Strength and Substance. Laila Ali is the truth! Undefeated World Champion Boxer. My favorite and greatest female boxer of all time! I admire a technique to fighting both in and outside of the ring. A winner in the physical and mindset. Consistency, focus, drive, determination, discipline to have a plan and stick to it; is what kept Laila Ali steady and continue to go forward.

She is a mom, wife, advocate, athlete, author, chef and television host. Living her legacy with purpose. Laila Ali leads by example teaching others to live and win with a healthy mind, body and spirit I shared a a video in which Laila Ali has a conversation about what she experienced and where she is today along with an inspirational quote. Laila Ali will also be featured in BlogHer creators I am excited to learn and hear some words of encouragement. 


The Conversation

Character & Kindness

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"I'm not open to negativity. I don't have conversations with people who don't approve of what I do." 


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