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Wild & Peaceful

, Photo of Teena Marie from Pinterest "Deja Vu (I've Been Here Before)" is a beautiful song that is blessed by the vocals of Teena Marie and written by Rick James. The perfect blend and combination is unmatched. Teena's voice takes the listener on a spiritual journey. Karma is the cycle of life. Karma is referred to as Deja Vu in this song. We become familiar with life's experiences through feeling, "I've been here before." She expresses acceptance, connection, duality, learning, lessons, memories, past lives, understanding to completion ("I don't want to come back no more") This song is soulful it keeps the soul full.  Gratitude to Rick James for writing this work of art and to Teena Marie for bringing it to life. This truly comes deeply from a special place within; perfectly described  with the words /album title Wild & Peaceful.