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   "A strong woman is both strong and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world"

It's funny how life works and things come to a full circle. The image of Cedella Marley above reminded me of one of my first posts for this blog it was an image of a lion in the post titled
Five years strong the lioness is embraced. 


Redeem. Return. Rediscover. Recover. Reclaim

"The old world has ended the new world has just begun. "If you know where you come from, if you know where you go, you won't be lost" 

Today is a beautiful day, a day of rebirth and to rejoice. On this day October 21 HERstory blog was created. I express my deepest appreciation and gratitude on this journey traveled. 

I was thinking about what to write about for today's post and I couldn't find the right words to put together. Then I asked myself how do I feel. The topic of Redemption is fitting. Here we are mind & soul. Profound words shared by Cedella Marley and Bob Marley. It describes where I was and where I am in my life.  

"A road map that identifies problems and solutions."

Traumatic events can take place in our lives or unpredictable things happen that can shake up our world a bit. It can be life changing. To my readers that have been through hardships and abuse of any kind. It's difficult to understand when it happens let those growing pains provide you with strength and you'll learn that those experiences have shaped you with resilience. Its important to identify and face the problem and know you will overcome and get through it, As you heal you'll understand, accept and recover. Taking the good with the bad. It's about enrichment and learning on the path that you walk. Trust the process.  Stay rooted even when the world shakes. You grow through what you go through. Grow with Grace.

I hope that you are inspired and these tools can light the way on your journey. I am of service and planted with a purpose.

All of the work begins from within. Reflect and Go Forward. Gratitude! 

Thank you to Cedella and the Marley Family for their legacy, dedication and contributions to a better world. Respect and Gratitude. 

"Legacy is the story you lead for people to come behind you."

Cedella  Marley
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